Internet of Things

Placing the company at the heart of its ecosystem.

Placing the company at the heart of its ecosystem

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is growing rapidly: $772 billion in expenditure are forecast for 2018 worldwide (IDC 2017), and 55% of companies consider connected objects to be an "important issue on their technological agenda" (PAC CxO 3000 Survey conducted in France in 2017). IoT offers opportunities that have been clearly identified by large companies: it is a creator of value and establisher of direct links with customers, suppliers and partners but also internally between teams or departments. It also acts as a powerful business accelerator.

With its IoT vision, Sopra Steria offers you a global approach custom-tailored to your business needs and focused on transformation.

IoT: the transforming factor of the company

There are many opportunities springing from IoT: better customer relations, better client experiences, higher gains in operational efficiency or new applications (particularly in predictive maintenance), etc.

It is a major factor pushing transformation in your organization. By enabling the creation of innovative and connected services, IoT gives companies the ability to position themselves at the heart of emerging ecosystems and to become key players in their field. IoT boosts the entire value chain and brings profound changes to all business processes.

In such a context, what can you do to make your IoT projects succeed?

Sopra Steria’s IoT vision: a tailor-made approach to each business activity, combining usage, growth and speed of execution

Sopra Steria's approach is based on three strong convictions:

IoT projects must be focused on use

  • by adding value to business processes
  • by defining use cases with high added value

You need to "start small", aim high and grow quickly

  • first by validating the relevance of the proof of value
  • then by carrying out ambitious projects with proof of value on a small scale
  • finally, by providing support to guarantee a better time to market, through industrialization

Speed of execution is the key factor

  • with a strong ecosystem in order to be more efficient in the prototyping phase
  • by making it essential to ensure the scalability of the technological solutions implemented

Why choose us?

Our teams of specialists support you, from ideation to industrialization, including operational maintenance (MCO)

  • across the entire technological expertise chain: from sensor installation to data processing and platforms
  • from building new business models to supporting and coaching change in business processes.

Constant prototyping:

  • ability to prototype the entire value chain
  • provision of technological building blocks to accelerate experimentation

Multi-market experience feedback:

  • Sopra Steria has over ten major references
  • Reliance on the Sopra Steria ecosystem and implementation of the "make or buy" strategy throughout the value chain

Our know-how

The IoT Factory: many projects do not succeed due to a lack of successful industrialization. Working in association with a transformational structure implemented in your company by Sopra Steria, the IoT Factory team aims to support your projects in order to promote their success, while at the same time bringing coherence to the company's IoT strategy.

IoT for Industry 4.0: IoT plays a critical role in the Factory 4.0 concept. Leading manufacturers use our consulting and integration teams to deploy value-added projects and implement specific IoT solutions to achieve their objectives and participate in the deployment of smart and connected production sites.

IoT as a growth factor: we create connected and distributed solutions that allow you to develop new, highly personalized service offerings.

IoT for Maintenance: With IoT and data analysis, maintenance becomes more intelligent. We provide smart solutions for data exploitation, as well as end-to-end support, from the definition of needs to the benefits obtained from your IoT solutions.

IoT, an asset for the energy transition: through monitoring of the equipment being used, our customers have a better understanding of their energy consumption and production, enabling them to anticipate and manage their resource needs as effectively as possible.

IoT with built-in data safety: we focus on safety from the very beginning and throughout the entire process, with a particular attention to the risks of cloud-based networks.

Our combined expertise relies on embedded and distributed intelligence (the AI is directly built-in the sensors), and on an IoT-dedicated Blockchain, all the while maintaining constant seamless traceability. This innovation platform is supported by the Sopra Steria IoT Technical Centre and its 15 engineers.