The Imprimerie Nationale launches Pass’IN, multiservices solution for business and local authorities

Paris, 18 November 2013

The Imprimerie Nationale is adding to its trust services product offer with a new turnkey professional identity management service. It brings all such services together on one support.

To deal with the growing number of access cards and passwords and to reinforce security requirements, the Imprimerie Nationale is launching Pass’IN.

Intended for businesses and local authorities, offered in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode, this solution is capable of managing all access by staff and outsiders, whether physical (access to installations, sites, etc.), logical (access to business applications, data, etc.) or even to trust services (strong authentication, electronic signature, encryption, digital safe, etc.).
Supported by its knowledge and expertise in the issue of secure credentials, the Imprimerie Nationale has teamed up with three leaders in their respective markets: Sopra Group is the integrator of a value chain comprising Dictao authentication and electronic signature solutions, together with Open Trust key infrastructure management software. This partnership has made it possible to develop an effective tool to secure identities making life easier for staff while reducing the cost. This innovative service reconciles the management of digital professional identities with security requirements.


I am delighted with the relevance of the innovative Pass’IN service developed with the assistance of our partners, Sopra Group, OpenTrust and Dictao. It is fully in step with the digital evolution of businesses and local authorities and meets the new demands for secure access, dematerialization and the protection of personal data too” concludes Didier Trutt, Chairman and CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale.